Freeing The Mind Body and Spirit with the Power of Music” - Quartz FreeWater

The Tale of Quartz FreeWater

With a transitory lifestyle at such a young age, the largest lesson that Quartz FreeWater learned was how to relate with others through the arts. Quartz released his first Mixtape Free* Water along with an event to gather attention of the privatization and pollution of water around the world. Being inspired to help the world through positive frequencies, Quartz then gave up all of his possession and embarked on a journey of self discovery. During his journey Quartz picked up on a variety of different styles from the rhythms played through the backwoods of the Appalachian to the smooth bounce of Brazilian Afrobeats. With each bar of music relive the magic of Quartz’s travels from hitch hiking through Montana, becoming a shaman, or just cruising down the beach to LOOK GOOD.